Buy real estate in Marbella?

Real estate Marbella

If you are looking to relocate to Marbella then you realize quick that you have an option, buy real estate or rent? Both methods have their pros and cons and I will go over them one by one. For starters, having your capital tied up in real estate can be good if the market increases in value. At the same time though the market may crash and then you’re faced with a shocking realization. Should you sell and take your losses, or should you keep on living in the house and hope for it to increase again. That desperate hope is unfaithful because it might be with you at all time, but the market may never financially recover from the price drop.

Renting real estate in Marbella

The key negative thing that comes with renting real estate Marbella is that you pay someone else. With a housing loan you might have the same amount of costs, but you pay yourself minus the interest from the bank. At the same time, you’re left with a big chunk of capital that you are able to invest and outrun the interest from the bank. The interest from the bank is known to be quite low when you use the house as security. If you do that, and you’re a good enough investor, then you’ll have one up on anyone who invests in their property.

Who do I contact?

There is a lot of good agencies out on the market when it comes to dealing with real estate in Marbella. That is why this agency has come up with a unique approach to the housing business of the city. They give their clients the option to rent property or apartments to a low price, which minimizes the drawback of renting real estate in the city. For unique villas and apartments, you should contact the broker directly!

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